Richard Wexler
March 30, 2017


Self-proclaimed liberal Marie Cohen’s latest column in The Chronicle calls for requiring that every parent who homeschools a child bring that child before a mandated reporter of child abuse for periodic inspection. Try substituting “terrorism” for “child abuse” and “Muslim” for “Homeschooler” and the problems here should be obvious….

Increasing government-mandated surveillance would do significant collateral damage to thousands of innocent Muslims — sorry, I meant children — because a few Muslims — er, homeschoolers — are terrorists — oh wait, I mean child abusers….

Why are homeschoolers a special target of 21st century child savers? Because we liberals tend to stereotype them as a bunch of right-wing fundamentalists — and we all know what they are like, right?

Those kinds of stereotypes have no place in the war against terror — or the war against child abuse.